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The AMEXIPAC subscription is a specialized information service for the industry interested in electronic invoicing and electronic signature.

Subscribers receive information classified in the following topics:


Daily delivery of press coverage on industry issues, in print and digital media of regional,

national or local scope.


Publications of legal provisions, reforms and regulatory projects in electronic media on CFDI, E.Firma, PCECFDI, PCRDD, PSC.


Analysis of Miscellaneous Fiscal Resolution about rules on digital tax matters and more.


Monitoring of issues related to industry that are aired in the Chamber of Deputies and in the Senate, as well as in the Commissions of each of the legislative bodies.


Legislative Alerts and General Reports are sent with a summary of the highlights and access to reading related documents.


Weekly delivery of analysis, studies, white papers, and documents from various sources related to the invoice and electronic signature industry.


In addition, publications of national and international organizations in matters of: Taxes, Technology and Electronic Commerce are added.

We have monthly, semi-annual and annual plans.

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