Digital Signature

It is a set of data attached to an electronic communication whose purpose is to identify the sender of the communication or message as legitimate of this author, as if it were an original signature.

General Information


An electronic signature can be any data set that is incorporated into an electronic message through technological means to refer to the signing of an operation.

A digital signature is a type of electronic signature that uses cryptographic means and is distinguished for his safety, because it allows to reliably identify a sender (authentication and non-repudiation) further providing the ability to validate that a message has not been altered from its creation (integrity) and allowing the confidentiality of information.


It works through a public key infrastructure (PKI) where two key or keys for sending messages are used:


  • Public Key: Available on the Internet to query all users of electronic services, with which data is decrypted; and
  • Private Ke is only known by the owner of the Faithful, used to encrypt data.


Digital signatures cannot be faked because the technology used to create the digital certificates..

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