Operating Standards



Compliance PAC

Have a direct contract, whether written or using signature advanced electronics, taxpayer issuing financial proof digital to be assigned a bell or certification by the cap, which give expression of knowledge and authorization to submit to the PAC SAT copy of the proof that beech ringing in accordance with existing business tax resolution.



Information Security

Do not use store private keys for the certificates of electronic signatures advanced under any theory.




PAC of the structure and validate XML SYNTAX OBLIGATION. Receiving transactions “identical” that may be generated in operation is some taxpayers sole responsibility of the issuer. The cap should not reject the request certification / course resulting from previous ring.


CERTIFIED / Ring and Validate vouchers welcome always whereas the date should not be issued after the date of ring.


Validate that contains no proof negative amounts: subtotal or total.



Recommended Best Practices

  1. When the currency is Mexican pesos, the he type attribute is not used Rates.
  2. Use the ISO4217 standard for currency attribute.
  3. Nomenclature GMT No use at any time expressed a CFDI.
  4. Namespaces Using only required headers or nodes. Not recommended fill of namespaces in the header nodes where applied.
  5. Stand Alone = "no".
    The line <? Xml version = "1.0 " encoding = "UTF -8 " standalone = "yes "> . By definition it www a CFDI be standalone = "no" , since it has external references , so strictly speaking, standalone = " yes" is wrong.
  6. N Node tax
    - If the node includes a Transfer Tax subnode , then the node MUST include taxes the total tax attribute Moved - If the node includes a subnode Tax Withholding , then the node MUST include taxes total attribute Taxes Withheld

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