The Asociación Mexicana de Proveedores Autorizados de Certificación, AMEXIPAC, A.C. (indistinctively referred to hereinafter as “AMEXIPAC” or the “Association”) implies cooperation for legal purposes amongst its members, striving towards modernization of the productive structure of the e-Invoice and e-signature industry in Mexico.



Our Members are subject to the Code of Ethics and Best Practices with the purpose of promoting the safe adoption and evolution of the market, through guidelines and services that exceed the expectations of users and contribute to raising the standards of the industry.


In addition to the foregoing and taking into consideration the applicable legal provisions regarding economic competition, particularly those applicable to companies, corporate chambers, confederations and professional unions, AMEXIPAC is subject to the “Guía de Cumplimiento de la Ley de Competencia para Asociaciones, Cámaras Empresariales y Agrupaciones de Profesionistas” (Guidelines for Compliance with the Competition Law for Associations, Corporate Chambers and Professional Unions) thus observing the “Ley Federal de Competencia Económica” (Federal Law of Economic Competition) and further applicable regulations. As a result of the foregoing, AMEXIPAC expressly confirms its acceptance to the following practices:



  • Refrain from issuing recommendations regarding prices, commercial conditions, and marketed amounts or served markets, and also avoid encouraging agreements between members regarding these matters.


  • Refrain from exchanging prices lists or information about operations of the members.


  • Abstain from discussing price increases or reductions. Refrain from stabilizing or standardizing prices, margins, profits or contributions as “fair”, “desirable”, “loyal”, or “worthy”.


  • Refrain from issuing recommendations regarding manufactured or marketed amounts; exchanging information on this subject only in aggregate terms.


  • Avoid discussing subjects such as “influence zones”, “exclusive regions”, “protected clients” or similar.


  • Avoid entering into discussions about public tenders in which the members may participate.


  • Refrain from boycotting a determined product or service due to prices, commissions, rates or similar issues.


  • Avoid using member policies to exclude or discriminate competitors meeting the membership requirements.


  • Refrain from limiting union members to deal with non-union members.


  • Avoid setting limits or prohibitions to the way in which members develop their publicity.



  • Refrain from promoting sales and operations conditioned to a sale, acquirement, purchase, marketing or rendering of another additional good or service, distinguished, or over a reciprocity basis.



AMEXIPAC, A.C. confirms its leadership commitment for sponsoring the best practices in the industry, as well as safeguarding the legal and free competition of the market.



Asociación Mexicana de Proveedores Autorizados de Certificación, AMEXIPAC, A.C.,

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