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Having an authorization from the Tax Administration Service as an Authorized Service Provider of Certification for E Invoice, PCECFDI by its acronym in Spanish, also popularly known as PCECFDI entities, implies complying with a series of technological and operational requirements, which involve the participation of specialized human resources to maintain the authorization and ensure the continued availability of services to public and private users.


For this reason, AMEXIPAC has initiated permanent training programs for Compliance Officers as fundamental resources in the administration of regulatory and technological requirements of PCECFDI companies.

Regulatory Compliance Officer


Specialized profile in legal systems related to PAC entities, which within the authorized organization performs actively in the legal, tax, accounting or internal control areas. He also has basic knowledge of information technologies in the branches of signature and electronic invoice.


Manages regulations, controls and processes related to: Legal foundations, PCECFDI legal framework Operation and processes of the regulated nature of PCECFDI Management before authorities in PCECFDI matters.

Technology Compliance Officer


Specialized profile in information security and operation of CFDI certification applications.


Manages requirements, controls, and processes established in the matrix of security controls established by the tax administration service in Mexico, SAT.


  • Applications and databases
  • Technological infrastructure and information security
  • Documentary controls applicable to the PCECFDI organization



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