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AMEXIPAC Members are experts on tax regulations and technology. Therefore, they support entrepreneurs, SMEs, and big businesses in the preparation of accounting documents that must be reported to the SAT pursuant to the technical standard defined by the authority. The preparation of your accounting is added to the electronic management processes of your company, allowing you to comply directly with this obligation. Our Members carry out multi-platform and multi-technology implementations and integrations; hence they are expert developers on digital tax matters.





AMEXIPAC Members seal account balances, charts, and journal entries to ensure that your information will be delivered safely to the SAT and that your documents have legal recognition thanks to the validation of the technical standard established by the authority in Exhibit 24 to the Miscellaneous Tax Resolution and the use of a digital seal certificate that uses PKI technology for issuing high-security files.






Forget of manually uploading your documents to the SAT each month; do it without compromising the Advanced Digital Signature (Firma Electrónica Avanzada or FIEL, for its acronym in Spanish). Our Members have high velocity channels that offer the automated delivery of accounting files to the SAT and that guarantee your performance in due time and manner.





Do not wait for a legal order or to request the refund of your taxes. Store your electronic accounting files with the safe keeping services of AMEXIPAC Members and organize your electronic tax information in the safest virtual vaults in the market.

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